Realtor Referrals

Do you want to collect Realtor Referrals without paying exorbitant membership fees to your broker? Future Realty is the Broker for you!

Lets be honest, the market is difficult right now. Many Real Estate Professionals are cancelling their licenses and pursuing other endeavors. But by doing this, they may be leaving money on the table.

You need an active real estate license in order to collect referral fees. Most brokerages charge expensive membership fees and require you to be a member of Realtor Associations that are not needed to collect referral fees. For those interested in simply collecting referrals, this can really cut into your profit.

Future Realty is different than most brokers. We are geared to the professional who wants to hang up their license and simply collect a referral check. We don’t require you to be a member of unnecessary Realtor Associations, and our membership fees are much less. Try just a mere $50 annually!

To learn more about continuing to collect Realtor Referrals or for information on joining. Future Realty, visit our Contact Us Page.


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